Keep warm this winter with ultra-popular, ultra-affordable fashion brand Workman!

If you’ve heard of the American brand Carhartt, Japanese-based Workman has a nearly identical company history. It goes like this: reliable provider of blue collar apparel suddenly jumps into the public spotlight, and within a few years, is transformed into an uber-trendy brand beloved by the young, famous, and influential. Even though Workman carries mostly […]

How to get professional photos taken in Japan (without paying a fortune)

Though it can be pricey, hiring a professional photographer for milestone occasions is an expense that is well worth the cost (to a certain extent). As the mother of a toddler, my one main regret is not getting professional photos of her in that fleeting newborn phase. Back then, I was so overwhelmed with, well, […]

Kids/Babies Mega List: The Best Places to Shop for Little Ones in Japan!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. When you buy something by clicking on one of the links, I may earn a small commission. If you’re from a Western country, you know how easy it is to drop in on your local big-box store and find every baby/child product under the sun. With the advent of […]

Five Concepts that Helped Me Curb My Impulsive Spending

I used to think saving money was like going on a restrictive diet. Everywhere you looked, you saw things you couldn’t have. It was like sitting outside of a bakery for lunch, surrounded by the enticing smells of cupcakes and fruit pies and pastries smothered in chocolate… only to open your lunchbox and find a […]


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