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When I first moved to Japan, I thought I was in for a carefree year of travel before returning to the States to continue my chosen career. Little did I know how deeply I would fall in love with this country. It just soothes my soul. The dependable way that everything- from trains to business meetings to rock concerts- are on time down to the millisecond, the active and health-conscious lifestyle, the cleanliness, the basic consideration and thoughtfulness that people have for their surroundings, the deep connection with nature… I could go on and on.

But perhaps the feature of Japanese life that I admire most, and one that has gained increasing international attention in the last few years, is the idea of minimalism and waste-reduction. I devoured Marie Kondo’s book and quickly subscribed to all of her teachings. In decluttering, I found incredible satisfaction- and a great relief of anxiety- by only keeping things around me that brought me joy.

But wait, I thought. Why not apply these principles to the spending habits that are filling our houses and apartments with junk in the first place? What if we only purchased things that truly brought us value? What hacks are there to ensure that we never spend more than necessary? Are there ways of saving that are simply unavailable to the English-speaking residents of Japan?

I know you’ve worked long and hard for your yen. You deserve the chance to grow your savings and afford all the things that you truly desire. I hope that my tips will allow you to enjoy a little bit more of your time in Japan, whether you’re here for the short-term or the long haul, and bring you ever closer to your financial goals.

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